Computer Science 1

This is my webpage for computer science 1. We
are studying C#. It's my first year of computer
science. Its difficult to learn but its what I
call hard fun.


Out Of Time


//Project: In this project, the user can control the character using the up and down arrows to switch rows. They can also hit space to "throw" Starbucks gift cards at teachers. Teachers try to reach the end of the row in order to collect your homework. They can switch rows randomly and when given a gift card, have a 1 in 3 chance to return to the beginning of the row, which will give the player 10 points. If a teacher collects one of your homework assignments, you lose 50 points. You must complete a class with enough points in order to proceed to the next level. They're is an unsaid time limit to earn the necessary points to pass. Also, if all five of your assignments are collected, it's game over. If the player proceeds to the third and final class, they're is a "boss teacher" that cannot be sent back to the start of the row, and cannot switch rows. If this teacher collects the homework that is in it's row, you lose 500 points. They're is a grade and ammo bar that you must keep from reaching 0. Use extra credit to raise your grade and ammo to gain gift cards. You also start with different values of extra credit and ammo, which are restocked at the end of every class. Try it out for yourself!




//Project: In this project, an airplane is flying over land and continuity dropping bombs. A character is on the ground that moves left or right with key presses. The character can shoot back at the plane by pressing the spacebar. If the character hits the plane, it is awarded with 100 point. If the character gets hit, it loses its health and is detucted 100 points. When all of it's health is gone, or if the character doesn't get enough points before the time runs out, it's game over.


Fish Aquarium


In this project, 20 fish move randomly up, down, left, or right. They cannot go off of the form or spawn off the form. A shark moves in a similar way, but when it touches a fish, it appears at the bottom of the form, dead. A boat is moving back and forth at the top of the form, with a hook attached to it. When a hook touches a fish, the fish rotates 90 degrees showing that it's caught, and stays with the hook forever. There are also numerous bubbles that float up the form, and when hitting the top, respawn at the bottom.



In this project, the stars move away from the center of the form diagonally. Once they hit the side of the form, they respawn at the center again. The farther they move away from the center, the bigger they grow.


Basic AI Game


In this project, the invader moves closer to you. If you get touched, you lose health. You can shoot a bullet at the invader in any direction, killing it. You both have two lives. This game is also replayable.


N Factorial


In this project, the form finds the factorial of the number the user inputs in the textbox. It then displays the answer in a label.


Tic Tac Toe


In this project, you play a full functioning Tic Tac Toe using swords and bows game against a real person. You can also play it as many times as you want.


College Football


In this project, the form allows the user to review two team's scores and weather they won or lost. It also lets the user view either team's schedule and their college history.


Fish 2D


In this project, the form allows the user to move a fish and a shark manually or automatically. Every time one of the two creatures try to jump out of the tank (array) on any side, labels count it, and doesn't allow them to. If the fish and shark appear in the same box, then the shark eats the fish and a message box appears saying "fish eaten" and the game restarts.

Fish I


In this project we learned how to use arrays for multiple objects. However, this time the user can only move the fish left or right by one "Tank", and when the fish gets to the ends of the"Tanks", the user can no longer make the fish move that way. You also need to make the same picture inverted so that it's looking right or left when it moves right or left.


Rock Paper Scissors


In this project we learned how to have two people interactively play "Rock Paper Scissors." The two players cannot see each other's selections until one of them presses the "Show Result" button. When one player wins, the win count will increase by one for that player. They can play as many times as they want.


Slot Machine


In this project we learned how to generate three separate sets of random numbers and to output them as pictures. We also learned how to only let the user spin if he or she has payed. Once they win, they get the grand prize.


Shirt Sales


In this project we learned how to keep track of a subtotal for multiple shirts purchased and keeping track of total sales, total customers, and average sale.


Craps Game


In this project we learned how to roll 2 dice and determine whether or not the user has won or lost. We also learned how to move a marker around using picture boxes.



In this project we learned how to roll 2 dice and output the sum of the dice using labels and picture boxes. We also learned how to determine the statistics of the same total number rolling again.

Test Score


In this project we learned how to make up two test scores and output the letter grade of the two test and the average score of the two tests.

Car Rental Upgrade


In this project we learned how to give the buyer three options of cars with different prices of rent, miles driven, and number of days rented. Then outputs the total cost once the buyer inputs all of the information.

BMI Calculator


In this project we learned how to calculate and output a person's BMI after they put in their height and weight.

Car Rental


In this project we learned how to provide the buyer with one car to rent. The total cost of the car is determined by the rent of the car, miles driven, and number of days rented.

Mailing Label


In this project we learned how to mail a letter by the user inputing their first and last name, street address, city, state, and zip code. Then the information is outputed to a label. The option to clear the textboxes is available.

About Page


In this project we learned how to create an about page that provides information for a fictional company that has a custom logo, and has a backround story of the company. The user has the ability to make five different variables of the about page visible or invisible. The ability to clear all variables is also present.

Goodbye Project


In this project we learned how to output four different flags of countries and four messagess for each flag that says "Goodbye" in that country's language. The ability to switch back and forth is available.